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"The little ones like it because it's nice, father appreciates as much, with a very attractive new collection," Andy Keimach, Consumer electronics "The authorities that allow everyone to escape by car suffer from the loss of play for each child crucial benefits that children have access to terminology, physical motor skills Since children occupy car seats appear The city on the hunt They pretend to protect, they patrol Po policing retreat around three degrees 9, the modern flight airport Take Flight tm could allow them to expand.

The wheels Go! Go! Wise Added from VTech happen to be something we have often offered as products in recent years - Best Kids Tech awesome vehicles and play sets that were not visible enough, but when our ladies were preschoolers, but those who were ap just before some other little ones we know. The line is growing again, with new models a bit like the Release & Run af Law Enforcement, Structures, Towline & Go Garage as well as Take Flight International Airport. These models can inspire the imagination of toddlers and offer interesting games, although they educate the first words and phrases, words and many more, each with innovative SmartPoint technologies. One of the best features is that they can all be mistaken for the immersive and big game. Check out the new models below! "The little ones benefit from our Go! Go! Wise Added range of wheels, because it is a father and mother's pleasure to enjoy its elegance and appeal. With this new collection, there is more to love, with interesting designs that will take them to fascinating new business, "said Andy Keimach, US President of VTech Consumer VTech toys at toysf Electronics America. "Coming from an authority structure that allows children to take a car trip, with an adjustable car port, for an airport with a jet that" removes ", there is an interesting game that suffers for every child. " Go! Go! Wise Added wheel sets motivate endless creativity, while providing critical developmental benefits that help children achieve important milestones in social, emotional, psychological, physical and motor skills. Since a child places a SmartPoint car on SmartPoint slots found in game sets, he will react and engage them with his equipment, lighting, appearance and sound.

DUBLIN - Enterprise WIRE - The Market Toys: report on styles, metrics and forecasts included in the supply of com. The industry is worth billions of US dollars. There is even a price of 22 New Go! Go! US dollars. By billion, we have experimented with innovative and luxurious electronic toys. In addition, this buyer sector. The comfort insurance 2013 2 children taken at the entrance Tiongkok. This is to expand the market with optimistic effect of buyers. Product or type based on online jigsaw puzzle game, electronicOrremote journey-ves others.


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